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What our ratings mean:

A+: 100% satisfaction guaranteed with no weasel words. They don't always have the best prices or widest selection of merchandise, but you can take anything back whenever you want and they're big enough to be around for a while.

A: 100% satisfaction guarantee with limited and reasonable exceptions.

B: Pretty good but limited satisfaction policies, e.g. 30 days for returns, RMA numbers, or restocking fees.

C: These companies may reject some open items like music or software.

D: Some items are returnable under some conditions but it's difficult in one or more ways.

F: Those companies that don't care at all about how their products or services perform and leave you stuck.

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Important notes: Policy information is taken straight from the merchant's web site, but is usually only an excerpt of the most important points. We attempt to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but sometimes things change faster than we can update them. Be sure to check the merchant's latest policies on their site before ordering. Also, online policies may differ from in-store policies.

Disclaimers: The ratings of individual merchants are purely based on the opinion of While some of the merchants listed are sponsors of this site, the rating process is based only on stated store customer satisfaction policies. accepts no responsibility for the performance of any listed merchant and you agree to this by using this site.